Jasmine's Birthday Party "Hakuna Matata" 7/17/16 pm

"Naaaaants ingonyama bagithi baba".....well it's time to do a Lion King type painting sooo naturally it was called, "Hakuna Matata" It was one heck of a time painting and drinking in Fountain Valley with these hysterical ladies....and Scott (I will not forget husband). It was Jasmine's Birthday and man did she go out in pinterest style, everything was so cute! After admiring the party decor we blazed through the beginning of the painting with some killer sunsets. It was then time to get though the giraffe's which weren't the easiest....so everyone drank up their liquid courage and killed it!

It was one fun afternoon by the pool with this fun crowd! I can't wait to see them soon for some more paint n sip fun!

Collin's Private Party "I HEART AMERICA" 7/1/16

Pop Up Studios and all of Collin's friends were ready for July 4th, and it was only the 1rst! We ha such a good time all 16 of us painting and laughing on a beautiful Friday morning. We all painted, "I HEART AMERICA" and everyone made them their own with their colors and different shapes! Everyone expressed themselves so creatively. We also named our brushes....AGAIN... C3PO, R2D2, and Yoda...I think I got the names wrong.....almost every time.

We had a great time, and after everyone was done painting we had our own personal ice cream truck come to their house! Everyone had some delicious creamy desserts, it was pretty awesome. 

Megan's Bachelorette Party "Spring-time Bloom" 6/3/16

For Megan's Bachelorette Party she and one of her bridesmaids came all the way out from Colorado to enjoy the wedding festivities with family and friends! They called Pop Up Studios for an awesome paint night at The Girl Cave in Huntington Beach, and it was a blast! With good times and some top 40's hits we started painting, "Spring-time bloom." Everyone was getting the hang of it pretty quick and we also had one radical renegade wave that made it into the bunch that looked wonderful! 

We had a blast painting, drinking, and nibbling on cookies. We finished our paintings in pretty good time and then the girls opened gifts. It was a wonderful evening.

Congrats to Megan and her fiance' we at Pop Up Studios wishes you many years of happiness!

Andy's Family Party "Starry Night" 5/29/16

It is always a good time when Pop Up Studios gets to paint, "Starry Night!"  We had all of Andy's family painting today, and man did they get some masterful paintings. Everyone, with varying styles added their own creativity and artistic flare to their paintings. Such a great way to kick off memorial weekend! 

We listened to Jack Johnson Radio, had some amazing homemade sliders, and on our dry break made a potato fly, in a homemade potato launcher!!! It was definitely one rad party!!!

Also a wonderfully celebratory cheers to Andy Lee who used this occasion to celebrate his 11 year wedding anniversary! Pop Up Studios wishes you many more wonderful years of marriage, CONGRATS!!! 

Jeanie's Birthday party "Spring Moonlight" 4/14/16

Pop Up Studios was invited to a lovely magical backyard yesterday, where lights were strung and gorgeous trees everywhere. We were gathered for Jeanie's Birthday and she was all dressed beautifully with a tiara and everything! We painted the gorgeous " Spring Moonlight" to some fabulous 60's music. We were dancing all over her backyard and painting pretty much at the same time!

This was a great party! We had so much fun and then I think some genius made the sun go down? I'm still not sure who? We made the best of it, Jeanie's family busted out the flashlights and everyone continued painting. Not only did they learn to paint but we all did it in the DARK! It was so much fun lots of laughter all around! I wish another Happy Birthday to Jeanie and hope to see these wonderfully vivacious women again!!!

Katt's Family Mother's Day "Sunset at Capistrano Beach" 5/8/16 AM

Pop Up Studios setup our lil art studio at El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach and boy was it beautiful. We had a couple windy weather changes but for the most part no paintings were blown off easels but mine, and that is a victory in itself! We had a blast listen to some 90's and 80's hits and enjoying some amazing homemade food! Everything was so delicious we talked and painted the beautiful "Sunset at Capistrano Beach" everyone in this family was pretty darn creative and they all turned out lovely!

We had such an amazing Mother's Day I was so happy to be apart of their family for the day, I wish all their mother's and those reading this a wonderful Mother's day!

Nicole's Private Party "Spring Moonlight" 5/7/16 AM

Oh My Gosh so this family is by for the most hysterical bunch that Pop Up Studios has been to so far. Kept me on my feet for sure. We were joking about pretty much everything, and they got in a few zingers on me as well!! It was a great time....OH Yeah we painted too!! We all painted "Spring Moonlight" and man did everyone have fun with it,I'm pretty sure there was a mini self portrait in one.

This was a fun time for sure, hopefully they will invite me back.... Pop Up Studios felt like a part of the family! Good times were had by all!

ALA Fundraiser "Spring Moonlight" 4/30/16 PM

Pop Up Studios went full steam ahead and the Fundraising continued for the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 555 with our second round of painting, which was a pretty packed class!! This time we painting the beautiful "Spring Moonlight" and the painters all rose to the occasion of making some lovely masterpieces. We had plenty of laughs and wine, it was a real fun party. We danced and sang to our favorite grooves! 

We were all feeling the music and painting, but there was a fabulous bartender keeping everyone hydrated, so the party kept going!!! At the end of the painting Angie and her husband/bartender raffled the rest of our auction items. Once again one successful second part of the fundraiser. If you are looking for a good time and a fun activity for your next painting party, please give Pop Up Studios a call!!

ALA Fundraiser "Cali Poppies" 4/30/16 AM

Pop Up Studios was so excited to be a part of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 555's  wine and painting event. This was a fundraiser to support young girls going to leadership a conference! Not only did we raise a good amount of money for the organization, WE HAD ONE HECK OF A TIME DOING IT!!!! Pop Up studios made a custom painting, "Cali Poppies" being that the poppy is the non-profits emblem.  

We drank some wonderful wine listened to some tunes and painted our little hearts away! It was a good time there was also a raffle going, and some of the ladies won wonderful prizes (like an original pop up studios painting). This was a very successful event if you are looking for a great fundraiser for your organization, call on Pop Up Studios we will make it a memorable time for all!!!

Connie's Bridal Bash "Bird's of a Feather" 4/24/16

Pop Up Studios went to the beautiful Vincent Lugo park in San Gabriel for Connie's co-ed Bridal party. It was such a great time painting "birds of a feather" with birds chirping all around us. It was such a great location. We listened to music had some pastry's and got down with our painting skills.

I wish Connie and her fiance the best of luck and love in their new marriage and hopefully will be planning a house warming painting party for them soon. If you are ever looking to go to a new and fun location in CA, and do something wonderful give "Pop Up Studios" a call.... Have paints will travel!




Lindsey's Bachelorette Party "Midnight Blossoms" 4/16/16 PM

Pop Up Studios is always ready for fun, and a challenge. We had three chairs and 9 girls in a lovely Hyatt hotel room, and man did we ever make it work. With an ottoman and a side table we threw together an awesome painting party. We drank some margarita's which we decided to name " Maggie's".... or "Margs" and we danced to some nostalgic 90's and 80's tunes. We painted "Midnight Blossom's" and all the ladies made some fabulous paintings!

Lindsey did a wonderful job setting up this fun bachelorette party for the bride Molly! And Molly even did some wonderful heart-shaped branches just in time for her wedding on June, 3 2016. Pop Up Studios wishes Molly and her fiance' all the best in their new journey of marriage, and sending all our love and positivity  to the bridal party!!!

This was such a fun night and we were so lucky to be a party of the festivities, if you have a party or event you want to make even more memorable invited Pop Up Studios!!!

Julie's Private Party "Lil Slice of Heaven" 4/16/16

It was a magnificent day in Westminster, CA for a Pop Up Studios painting party hosted by the lovely Julie! We had wonderful appetizers and wine to accompany the painting, and also some outgoing and enthusiastic personalities! It was such a fun affair, and everyone enjoyed painting "A Little Slice of Heaven" (the 2hr version).

We drank, We ate and Sang it was such a great afternoon. The special occasion wasn't a birthday or anything, Julie's party was having a PAINT PARTY DAY! You don't need a reason to have a good time and paint, next time you want laughter, fun, and art right at your doorstep call Pop Up Studios!

Andrisa's B-day Party "Hidden Melodies" 4/15/16

Pop Up Studios was welcomed back into Amy's wonderful home to celebrate Andrisa's birthday. We had an inviting host last night, Mr. Hanson who cooked the tastiest Shepherd's pie I've ever had!  After we were stuffed with delicious food us girls painted our amazing, "Hidden Melodies" painting each one coming out amazing and different. We were enjoying the hits on Jack Johnson Radio and everyone was having a great time

There was good wine, and great company and couldn't have asked for a more perfect thursday night. If you are looking for something different to do to jazz up your birthday call, "Pop Up Studios."

Dawn's Private Party "Fabulous Flamingo" 4/12/16

Well third times a charm, we decided to get fabulous and paint some awesome pink flamingos today near the beautiful ocean. Can't get better than that, right?! 

So us girls enjoyed the sun, fun and painting today! It was a great day, if you are looking for a good time for your friends and family call,  "Pop Up Studios"

SCCWRP Private Party "A Whale of a Tale" 3/31/16

Today Pop Up Studios was for sure a fish out of water going to the SCCWRP (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project). But a happy fish indeed, we had such a great time painting and getting creative. Today we painted, "A Whale of a Tale" which turned out pretty amazing! 

Everyone at SCCWRP showed all their beautiful talents, and had a pretty good time grooving to the music also. It was nice to bring the whole team in together to paint, if you are looking for a good team building exercise Pop Up Studios will bring the fun right to your office!

OC Art Kids paint "Jungle Macaw" 3/25/16

The girls from OC Art Studios and I couldn't have had a better time painting  yesterday! It was so much fun getting to paint a Macaw and the girls really got creative with their colors and mixing yesterday, I was so proud of all of them for remembering their color combinations!

It was a blast painting with our two brushes who they named " babylicious" and "hubba bubba" It is so much fun painting with these girls, can't wait for more good times. If you are looking for an hour of fun and learning and creativity for your kids don't hesitate to call Pop Up Studios!!

Hsin-Hsin's Private Party "Jazz-tini" 3/19/16

It was such a lovely time hanging out with some of my regular painters, outside the Am Tran Office this Saturday. We Listened to some 80's classics and enjoyed the perfect weather. It was the best time with wonderful friends!

We painted "Jazz-tini" step by step and it turned out incredibly phenomenal! Everyone seemed to ace this painting. If you are looking for a fun and therapeutic afternoon with friends, please call Pop Up Studios!!


Amanda's 8th B-day "Cute Kitty" 3/12/16

How can you not be stoked to paint a sweet kitty cat?! Well all of us were today at Amanda's 8th B-day in fountain valley. All the girls were taught how to paint this cute kitty step by step.

 We had great tunes and perfect weather. Lots of dancing, laughter and about an hour later we painted some amazing masterpieces! There were some talent painters today, can't wait for them to hang them up. If you have a birthday or special occasion call Pop Up Studios to bring in the laughter, creativity and fun!