Brian's Surprise Birthday Party "Hakuna Matata" 1/13/17

Well Pop Up Studios traveled back to The Girl Cave in Huntington Beach for a 40th surprise birthday for Brian. Imagine my surprise when I hear, none of them have done a paint n sip before and they have all been trying to do one together for 5 years!!! I was so excited to be the first one to introduce them in such a fun way. We painted "Hakuna Matata" Step by step, and pretty successfully I might add!

Not only were the paintings amazing but it was a great time, with kabobs and desserts! This was a wonderful party, hopefully next time they won't wait 5 years to paint again!

Also a huge shout out to The Girl Cave for being wonderfully flexible, and lovely to work with!

Megan's Bachelorette Party "Spring-time Bloom" 6/3/16

For Megan's Bachelorette Party she and one of her bridesmaids came all the way out from Colorado to enjoy the wedding festivities with family and friends! They called Pop Up Studios for an awesome paint night at The Girl Cave in Huntington Beach, and it was a blast! With good times and some top 40's hits we started painting, "Spring-time bloom." Everyone was getting the hang of it pretty quick and we also had one radical renegade wave that made it into the bunch that looked wonderful! 

We had a blast painting, drinking, and nibbling on cookies. We finished our paintings in pretty good time and then the girls opened gifts. It was a wonderful evening.

Congrats to Megan and her fiance' we at Pop Up Studios wishes you many years of happiness!

GNO @ The Girl Cave

WHERE MY GIRLS AT GIRLS AT!!!??! Another paint NIGHT this one is going to be a little pricier than my usual, $48 a person because it comes with WINE and APPETIZERS!!!! WOOP WOOP! The picture we are painting is "Mirror, Mirror" that is on my webpage I will also put the painting in the group so everyone knows!

You can pay online to sign up for the class @ the LINK below:
(scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up) 

PLEASE COME OUT, and have a good time with me you will have a great time relaxing! Also If you are afraid to PAINT do NOT worry.... I'm pretty good at fixing things ;) so no matter what you do I'll always help you out with it!!

"Mirror, Mirror" 2hr painting that we will be teaching step by step!!!!!