Dawn's Surprise Party "Midnight Blossoms" 7/17/16

A good friend of a friend came to Pop Up Studios with our favorite type of mission.... SURPRISE the poop out of her mom..... with a painting party! So that is what happened, we had a surprise party for Dawn's mom this weekend, and boy did we all paint some beautiful flowers! All of use painted " Midnight Blossoms" some had some lavender colors others were cherry blossoms, but all turned out amazing.

We had a wonderful spread of tasty food and some good tunes going, it was such a wonderful time, we were so happy to be a part of the Birthday Surprise celebration! 

A Day at the Beach "Midnight Blossoms 2/29/16

I was so excited when one of my family friend's Dawn wanted to have a private lesson. It was just the two of us today with the most amazing view, vino, and painting. We could not have enjoyed it more if we tried. Between the conversation and the beautiful flowers we were painting, it was paradise.  

This was an amazing time and can't wait to visit her again!!!