American Eagle's Team Building "American Denim" 7/12/17

Pop Up Studios was super pumped to do a team building event by the Citadel today for the American Eagle team! It started with some great 80's tunes, and then we started painting "American Denim."

We got into painting and everyone was having a super fun time, took them through step by step. Some of the team went on their own journey, but everyone's painting turned out pretty epic! It was such a great time with them this afternoon, can't wait for the next #paintingparty!

Juana's Private Party "Lil Silce of Heaven" 8/13/16

Pop Up Studios was invited to do a painting party in Long Beach, with one really vibrant and fun family! We were celebrating a birthday party and painting one gorgeous Maui landscape. The painting was called, "Lil slice of Heaven"  and step by step the whole family got through this painting. This was a party with all ages, and everyone finished with an incredible masterpiece.

We had music, some really delicious food and of course lots and lots of laughter! This was a great time, and a fun family, can't wait to have many more parties with them in the future.

Katt's Family Mother's Day "Sunset at Capistrano Beach" 5/8/16 AM

Pop Up Studios setup our lil art studio at El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach and boy was it beautiful. We had a couple windy weather changes but for the most part no paintings were blown off easels but mine, and that is a victory in itself! We had a blast listen to some 90's and 80's hits and enjoying some amazing homemade food! Everything was so delicious we talked and painted the beautiful "Sunset at Capistrano Beach" everyone in this family was pretty darn creative and they all turned out lovely!

We had such an amazing Mother's Day I was so happy to be apart of their family for the day, I wish all their mother's and those reading this a wonderful Mother's day!