Desiree's 10th Birthday Party!! " Happy Husky" 10/22/16

Another wonderful time @ The Haven's apartments! Pop Up Studios was overjoyed to be back at in Fountain Valley celebrating Desiree's birthday. We were dancing, eating sushi and painting some awesome snowmen and huskies! It was beyond a great birthday!

Not only did we paint, we got cake and Desiree got to open all her wonderful presents. This was such a good time, so happy to do a party for these amazing people again!!!

Sharon's 2nd Fundraiser @ Pop Up Studios "Night Gazers" 10/1/16

Pop Up Studios was so excited once again to be able to help Sharon and all her friends raise money for Breast Cancer research. This is the 2nd time we have done a fundraiser with her and it was amazingly successful. We had 16 wonderfully creative people in one room, really trying to see all different types of visions in their paintings. This was beyond fun this group was MEGA creative! We listened to some 80's and 90's jams pigged out on stuffed mushrooms and painted, "Night Gazers."

This was beyond an amazing time, with good people, some delicious Sangria and art you can never go wrong. We are always so excited to help out for fundraisers for such a meaningful cause, especially one that hits home for a lot of people. Thanks so much to everyone for planning this killer event hope to see this group soon!

Nikki's Private Painting Party "Hidden Melodies" 8/20/16

Another stop to The Haven apartments for Pop Up Studios in fountain valley where we got our music on for sure! We listened to some old school rock music, had some wonderful drinks and painted our hearts out!! We were painting, "Hidden Melodies" which really came out phenomenal with all the different versions of it!

This was such a fun community everyone was out and about and enjoying the cali sun! Pop Up Studios had such a great time help these friends through this creative painting party....can't wait for another one. 

Collin's Private Party "I HEART AMERICA" 7/1/16

Pop Up Studios and all of Collin's friends were ready for July 4th, and it was only the 1rst! We ha such a good time all 16 of us painting and laughing on a beautiful Friday morning. We all painted, "I HEART AMERICA" and everyone made them their own with their colors and different shapes! Everyone expressed themselves so creatively. We also named our brushes....AGAIN... C3PO, R2D2, and Yoda...I think I got the names wrong.....almost every time.

We had a great time, and after everyone was done painting we had our own personal ice cream truck come to their house! Everyone had some delicious creamy desserts, it was pretty awesome. 

Collin's Private Party "Cherry Cupcake" 6/28/16

Pop Up Studios is making a regular appearance at Collin's house this summer, and all the good people and smiles are here as well! We had so much fun today painting our sweet cupcakes, and everyone had their favorite flavor Vanilla, Strawberry, Rainbow....all of them ;) We used our amazing brushes named Yoda, Chewy, and Darth Vader to take us through this sweet treat of a painting. 

The artists were in great spirits and we had some wonderfully delicious looking cupcakes when we were done! Can't wait to come back on Friday, i's going to be one amazing time... AGAIN!

Nicole's Private Party "Spring Moonlight" 5/7/16 AM

Oh My Gosh so this family is by for the most hysterical bunch that Pop Up Studios has been to so far. Kept me on my feet for sure. We were joking about pretty much everything, and they got in a few zingers on me as well!! It was a great time....OH Yeah we painted too!! We all painted "Spring Moonlight" and man did everyone have fun with it,I'm pretty sure there was a mini self portrait in one.

This was a fun time for sure, hopefully they will invite me back.... Pop Up Studios felt like a part of the family! Good times were had by all!

Mother's Day and Dessert @ OC Great Park "Morning Rise" 5/6/16

Pop  Up Studios started the Mother's day fun with the "city boys" Austin, Phoenix, and Memphis and their mom and grandma. We had a blast painting "Morning Rise" all the boys had cool different versions of it! Also we had some help from our brushes who we named, Darth Vader, Chewbaca, and Yoda. So many giggles jokes, and a whole lot of art!

We had a great time celebrating mother's day at the Orange County Great Park! They are always hospitable and wonderful people we are so luck to be part of the festivities!

ALA Fundraiser "Spring Moonlight" 4/30/16 PM

Pop Up Studios went full steam ahead and the Fundraising continued for the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 555 with our second round of painting, which was a pretty packed class!! This time we painting the beautiful "Spring Moonlight" and the painters all rose to the occasion of making some lovely masterpieces. We had plenty of laughs and wine, it was a real fun party. We danced and sang to our favorite grooves! 

We were all feeling the music and painting, but there was a fabulous bartender keeping everyone hydrated, so the party kept going!!! At the end of the painting Angie and her husband/bartender raffled the rest of our auction items. Once again one successful second part of the fundraiser. If you are looking for a good time and a fun activity for your next painting party, please give Pop Up Studios a call!!

ALA Fundraiser "Cali Poppies" 4/30/16 AM

Pop Up Studios was so excited to be a part of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 555's  wine and painting event. This was a fundraiser to support young girls going to leadership a conference! Not only did we raise a good amount of money for the organization, WE HAD ONE HECK OF A TIME DOING IT!!!! Pop Up studios made a custom painting, "Cali Poppies" being that the poppy is the non-profits emblem.  

We drank some wonderful wine listened to some tunes and painted our little hearts away! It was a good time there was also a raffle going, and some of the ladies won wonderful prizes (like an original pop up studios painting). This was a very successful event if you are looking for a great fundraiser for your organization, call on Pop Up Studios we will make it a memorable time for all!!!