AAG Post-Closing Private Party "Sunset @ Dana Point" 3/7/17

Pop Up Studios was super excited to be a part of staff appreciation over  @ AAG (Post-Closing Department). We first had a painting with their logo on it, and had everyone paint on it, so they can hang it in their office.It turned out so amazing. 

Then we took everyone through "Sunset @ Dana Point" painting step by step, and they all had their own touch.... a few with some stormy oceans!! It was so much fun everyone had such an amazing time can't wait to do it for other departments in the building!!!

Alaina's Co-worker Party "Sunset at Dana Point" 6/18/16

A triple dose of cheersing went on at Alaina's party with these lovely ladies/co-workers/friends when Pop Up Studios came to Buena Park on Saturday! Boy do these ladies know how to have a good time, they drank and painted....it was phenomenal. We did one of Pop Up Studios most popular paintings this summer, "Sunset at Dana Point!" Some of the girls were blending like pros other's had the mountains on lock.... everyone found their strengths! 

There was wine and 90's hits.. everyone was making jokes about prehistoric seagulls, and there were smiles for miles and miles! This was a wonderful time with great friends and can't wait to Pop Up Another time!

Mother's Day and Dessert @ OC Great Park "Morning Rise" 5/6/16

Pop  Up Studios started the Mother's day fun with the "city boys" Austin, Phoenix, and Memphis and their mom and grandma. We had a blast painting "Morning Rise" all the boys had cool different versions of it! Also we had some help from our brushes who we named, Darth Vader, Chewbaca, and Yoda. So many giggles jokes, and a whole lot of art!

We had a great time celebrating mother's day at the Orange County Great Park! They are always hospitable and wonderful people we are so luck to be part of the festivities!

Hsin Hsin's Private Party "Home Sweet Home" 4/23/16

Another fun time with my wonderful wine drinking ladies/one guy. Well this time not everything went as planned, silly Pop Up Studios forgot the white paint, but in true artistic fashion we, "Made it Work."  Had such a great time and we listened to Prince Radio....and not one Prince song played?!? They painted " Home Sweet Home" and they turned out pretty awesome!

As usual everyone had a great time with tons of laughter, and a lot of wind! It was a tad windy outside but all were able to hold on to their canvas'. If you are looking for something fun to do that is creative and different call, "Pop Up Studios

Julie's Private Party "Lil Slice of Heaven" 4/16/16

It was a magnificent day in Westminster, CA for a Pop Up Studios painting party hosted by the lovely Julie! We had wonderful appetizers and wine to accompany the painting, and also some outgoing and enthusiastic personalities! It was such a fun affair, and everyone enjoyed painting "A Little Slice of Heaven" (the 2hr version).

We drank, We ate and Sang it was such a great afternoon. The special occasion wasn't a birthday or anything, Julie's party was having a PAINT PARTY DAY! You don't need a reason to have a good time and paint, next time you want laughter, fun, and art right at your doorstep call Pop Up Studios!

Susan's Private Party "Sunflower Fields" 3/14/16

These ladies are amazing! We Had so much fun, and most of them this was their second time painting with me. Second times a charm everyone did so wonderful... we sang "hello" by Adele at the top of our lungs and painted some really gorgeous fields of sunflowers. 

Side note: there was a lot of tasty treats like mocha chip cookies, and that made the painting that much sweeter! Pop Up Studios was over-joyed to paint with these ladies again, and can't wait for the next party. If you are looking for a fun night in with the girls please come have fun with Pop Up Studios!