Jeanie's Birthday party "Spring Moonlight" 4/14/16

Pop Up Studios was invited to a lovely magical backyard yesterday, where lights were strung and gorgeous trees everywhere. We were gathered for Jeanie's Birthday and she was all dressed beautifully with a tiara and everything! We painted the gorgeous " Spring Moonlight" to some fabulous 60's music. We were dancing all over her backyard and painting pretty much at the same time!

This was a great party! We had so much fun and then I think some genius made the sun go down? I'm still not sure who? We made the best of it, Jeanie's family busted out the flashlights and everyone continued painting. Not only did they learn to paint but we all did it in the DARK! It was so much fun lots of laughter all around! I wish another Happy Birthday to Jeanie and hope to see these wonderfully vivacious women again!!!