It all starts somewhere!


Like the about the artist said I'm Debra, and I couldn't be more excited about pop up studios! I can't wait to post all the exciting things I would like to teach at my painting parties. There is so much to go and I'm so happy to be able to be offering classes. 

This is my very first blog post... in other posts I will go over events and capture highlights of what cool NEW things I have coming up.... don't worry there will be some cool stuff in the works for sure.

For now though in this blog post since not too much has happened yet I will leave you with a fun fact about myself just so you can get to know the lady behind the Pop...


I can only have two sodas at a time, otherwise I get too bubbly to function. I already have soo much natural energy that caffeine can kinda be a little too much .

I love to dance like no one is watching.... always when people are watching

I make very strange faces almost all the time

I love being an art nerd

That about sums it up pretty well on my end! For now... keep creating and CALL ME if you want some fun party times!!!

Much luv,