Monarch Beach Resort "Twilight's Wave" 2/16/19

Another extremely fun painting party at Monarch again this past weekend. We started by listening to some Jack Johnson radio and got right into chardonnay and painting. We had such a creative time, everyone did their own version of the painting, and that is honestly my most favorite thing. As people changed their paintings direction you could see their personality. It was such a great time, we will be there this weekend!!

Monarch Beach Resort "Hidden Melodies" 2/2/19

Another, fantastic time at the Monarch Beach Resort with their members this past Saturday! We had some wonderful Chardonnay and then we got straight to painting “Hidden Melodies”. We took our time painting, and half way through the ladies realized they were painting a guitar. It was such a great time at this painting party. Everyone turned out with a gorgeous painting!!!

Debbie's Private Party "Sunset's Warmth" 1/25/19

At the very classy Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach we had the best girls night! Debbie wanted to give back to her wonderful ladies who work for her, and treat themselves to a paint night in!! It was such an upbeat party with Chardonnay, veggie wraps, painting and of course some music! We got to painting “ Sunset’s warmth” and some of the girls changed the colors , and man if they didn’t all come out brilliant. What a great group, and a lovely night!! Hope to see these ladies next year!

Monarch Beach Resort "Midnight Blossoms" 1/21/19

Another really amazing painting party at Monarch Beach Resort. We had a small crowd today, but man was it awesome. It is so nice to be able to help everyone see their vision on a canvas. We started painting “ Midnight Blossoms” and I gave suggestions here and there about different colors or maybe to add stars. It is so fun to do that, because everyone gets really different paintings. All the ladies really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to see them again when Pop Up Studios is back in February every Sat 4-6pm $50 and it includes one class of Chardonnay, if you would like to join the party please message: Anna Kadi

Pine Creek Village Apartments "Birch Forest" 1/19/19

This was such a fun night, coming back to this family oriented community of Village Creek Apartments in Costa Mesa! We had so much fun and the number of people there was perfect for my assistant Justine and I. We had the right amount of people to get around and really help everyone get exactly what they wanted!! We were jamming out to some Beyonce’, painting “Birch Forest", really enjoying everyone's interpretation of the painting. Everyone was singing and enjoying the atmosphere. Pop Up Studios was thrilled to host this event with this amazing complex, can't wait for the next painting party!

Aqua-Tots "Ollie the Otter" 1/5/19

It was such a joy to help Caroline share some painting with their Elite Aqua Tot clients. My assistant Rayna and I were ready to rock and roll, and the kids were so excited. We helped them from step to step, and got a lot of awesome parent help as well! It was so nice everyone worked together and these little aqua tots, made some wonderful little paintings!!! Can’t wait to see them again some time soon!

Cheers to Painting, in 2019


What’s to come this year for Pop Up Studios Mobile Painting Parties!!



Jan. 12,21,26 & Feb. 18th

Painting Choices will be posted for the dates, as soon as they are chosen!


2hr painting classes @the beautiful Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point $50 per person one glass of Chardonnay included!

Mother’s Day and Dessert at the Park

More Details to come:

May 11th 3-4:30 pm & 7-8:30pm

May 12th 3-4:30 pm

Also MORE Dates to come from the ZOOM ROOM in Huntington Beach!

Now Selling Frames for your paintings 16x20 $20 a piece. They come with brackets to hold them in. You can order from Debra, if you would like it shipped (extra fees) or  arrange a time to pick up from us! We have the following colors Black (matte), White (matte) and Gold (shiny)!


Also now available is paint your pet. The way it works is your give us a high Resolution image and we mod podge (paste) it to the canvas and we help you paint over the pet and help you put them in an environment. Pictures need to be handed in a week before the event. It is $60 per person, with a min. requirement of 5 ppl. 



Monarch Beach Resort "Champagne Wishes" 12/29/18

What a perfect way to end 2018 with the last painting party of the year! These ladies were so awesome, and creative we had a good time making sure our painting were exactly what they wanted. We had the chocolate Biscotti and Chardonnay, and everyone got to painting “ Champagne Wishes” Some added different colors others wanted another theme together, and at Pop Up Studios we just want you to enjoy what you create. So always your imagination is the limit! It was such a good experience can’t wait to come back in January on the 12,21,26!!

Paint Your Pet ZOOM ROOM 12/23/18

So this is the very first time doing Paint Your Pet with Pop Up Studios, I used to work at Pinot’s Palette so we did it a lot. One of the things we did different was print the photos in color. Normally the photos are pasted on in black and white and then you just paint over them like we did. This event was sooooo much fun, we got to talk about where each lady wanted to go with their ideas. Everyone’s painting really represented their dogs well, and each one was 100% different from the last, and everyone had such an amazing time! I can’t wait for our next paint your pet party!

Monarch Beach Resort "California Christmas" 12/22/18

Another holiday event at Monarch Beach Resort, and it went off without a hitch. We had a bunch of ladies this time, and of course everyone enjoyed painting some gorgeous palm trees. As usual we started getting ready to paint, everyone had chardonnay and some lovely chocolate biscotti! We started painting and it was so fun to change up some of the little details here and there. By the end everyone had different light colors some added some moons to the painting, it was a great time. Coming back this next week to paint gorgeous New Years paintings!

Monarch Beach Resort "Cali Christmas" 12/17/18

Well this was one of the most successful paint nights, we had an amazing turn out and a festive time painting Christmas trees!! We started with biscotti and chardonnay, the kiddos had water and then we started painting “Cali Christmas” A few of the painters wanted to change it up and do palm trees with lights, which is like my painting I’ll be doing next week. It was a welcome change and their paintings turned out super amazing, because they were both so open to seeing where it went when they changed it a bit. Everyone’s painting had their own flare even have a date night couple push their paintings together! This was such a great time can’t wait for next week when we are painting palm trees! If you are interested in classes at Monarch with Pop Up Studios please message Anna Kadi with Monarch if you would like to join us!

Kelsey's Christmas Party "Twilight's Wave" 12/11/18

This was such a fun party to be at. We had dumplings and wine and man was it fine. We were listening to Christmas tunes and just enjoying each other’s company. Kelsey and all of her co workers were so excited to paint so we started painting “ Twilight’s Wave” and it was so much fun. Took the girls through it step by step and made sure everyone turned out with something amazing, they really did phenomenal! Such a good time and a fun idea for a Christmas Party, can’t wait to see them again soon!

Monarch Beach Resort "Stormy Weather" 12/8/18

This was a wonderful little painting party, and since there were only four people everyone got to have exactly what they wanted for their painting. The ladies started with wine, and biscotti then we started painting “Stormy Weather.” Almost immediately the ladies wanted different colors, and we always bring extra paint! We even got to try out a special palette knife technique with using paper plates. We had so much fun painting together, can’t wait for the next event at Monarch Beach Resort!

Kaila's Private Painting Lesson 12/2/18

Knowing this family for a while when they said they were prepping for an OCSA portfolio I knew it was going to be so fun helping with this. Kaila is in 7th grade and an awesome artist, we took some of her paintings she started in class and on her own and tried to really make sure we added more dimension, details and color. Here are all the paintings we worked on in 4 hrs, two oil paintings and one acrylic/airbrush painting! We had such a great time, and I really enjoyed how much she listened and put in her own opinion in as well!

Monarch Beach Resort "California Dreamin'" 12/1/18

Back to Monarch Beach Resort to share some paint and holiday spirit with guests and members this past weekend. It was such a great time, we started with some complementary Chardonnay and some yummy Chocolate Biscotti! We then got to painting, and everyone had their own idea for what they wanted their painting to look like. They got to make everything they wanted happen on the canvas, with a little bit of help. We painted, we laughed, they drank, and we ended up having an awesome time with some fantastic paintings! Can’t wait to come back next week for the next painting!!

Monarch Beach Resort " An Autumn Stroll" 11/24/18

So excited to have a new partnership with Monarch Beach Resort, where we are having painting parties every Saturday from Nov. 24th through Dec. That being said our first party started with a small group this weekend, but it was sure enjoyable! We started painting “An Autumn Stroll” right away and everyone was into it, and even added their own special touches. Not one painting looked the same, and I really love that that’s how it turned out. We are all so different as humans, art should always reflect that. It was such a fun time painting with these wonderful ladies, can’t wait for more times at the Resort.

Lisa's Girls Night "Little Slice of Heaven" 11/17/18

Tonight was such an epically wonderful TOTALLY 80’s night, with some lovely ladies!! I met Lisa a while ago doing a work event for her, and tonight I went to Fullerton to do a painting party for her friends! They picked a 3hr painting “ Little Slice of Heaven” and it was not my easiest painting and they really did look OUTRAGEOUSLY RAD!! We had so much fun drinking and painting, it was soo much fun. We were singing 80’s tunes super loud and painting our peaceful seascape. One great time with these women tonight can’t wait to see them all again soon!

Peyton's Birthday Party "Tropical Island" 11/10/18

Ok well this was one epically fun birthday party for Peyton and all her awesome friends yesterday evening! We started with music and games, and then we got down to naming the brushes for the painting. We named the brushes Bob, Fred, and of course the small brush had to be taco. The girls loved the taco brush the most! We started painting “Tropical Island” and all the girls used different colors and really went to town with our black light glow in the dark pink and orange! We all had so much fun and the birthday girl loved her painting, so can’t be happier than that! Can’t wait to see these amazing people again soon!!!

Sunrise of Lapalma "Beautiful Love Tree" 11/6/18

Pop Up Studios was excited to paint with the residence, staff and friends at Sunrise of Lapalma. We put on the Motown hits, uncorked the wine and we then got down to painting “Beautiful Love Tree”. It was so much fun everyone was laughing and singing along with the music. It took a minute to get everyone liking there painting, but success we ending up with some lovely paintings!!! So much fun can’t wait to see all these lovely people again soon!

Amy's Private Party " Fall in Paris" 11/2/18

Now this was such a wonderful event with some very fun to hang around ladies!!! I’ve known some of these ladies since the beginning of Pop Up Studios, and it is always fun to do a party for them. Last night we started with these amazing range creme shots and started eating the amazing spread of food that Amy made! We then got into painting and as much as I warned them about how hard Paris was going to be to paint, they all went for it. They turned out sooooo fantastic there were more drinks and some 80’s music playing and it couldn’t have been a more fun night. Can’t wait to be around these wonderful ladies again!!!