Patsy's Birthday Celebration "Sunset at Dana Point" 7/28/19

It was such a blast to head over to Patsy’s and celebrate a few birthday’s with an epic painting party. At first no one knew that they were going to a painting party it was a surprise, but as soon as they started painting, it was great. Everyone was grooving to the Motown music, and we were painting “ Sunset at Dana Point” with a lot of individual flair. We were drinking and eating some awesome food, times were so good, I can’t wait to go back there to get creative with this group again!

Rebecca's 6th birthday party "Magical Unicorn/Horse" 7/20/19

So excited to be in beautiful San Clemente today, to celebrate Rebecca’s 6th birthday party!! We had such a great time painting, we started by naming our brushes evil unicorn, bobby the banana and long brush. The kids used all the colors they wanted and really felt free to make their unicorn or horse exactly what they liked. It was such a great time their was laughter and smiles everywhere! We had such a fun time painting and everyone loved it! I can’t wait to see this epic family again! And a super happy unicorn birthday to the extra special b-day girl Rebecca!!!

Kristin's Painting Party "Twilight's Wave" 6/28/19

So happy to have our bubbly art instructor Justine to do a painting party at Spagettini’s in Seal Beach this past Friday. It was such a great time, and went off without a hitch. They started by having a meeting, and when it was finished there was lunch and then of course painting “ Twilight’s Wave.” Everyone was taught step by step and painted along side Justine, and they turned out so amazing. Smiles danced around the room, it was such a great time. Hope to see these lovely clients again soon!!

Good Choice Sushi By the Sea "Come Sail Away" 6/23/19

Alright so this was another super successful painting day!! We went to my favorite spot n Dana Point Good Choice Sushi by the sea. So excited to have another painting party here, it was so much fun painting. So we started painting “Comes Sail Away” and we just breezed through it. Everyone in our group was on top of it. We listened to some pop hits, made beautiful, bright, paintings it was a great day for all. Here are all the pictures from today!

Xena's 9th Birthday "Cute Puppy Tote Bags" 6/21/19

This was so much fun, going to Xena’s painting party in Santa Ana this past Friday! Xena and her friend helped set up the entire party, for us party goers. Then we put on some music , and we ready to start painting these epic, “Cute Puppy Tote Bags.” They all were able to have such different visions, so we came out with so many differently shaped dogs, but they were all cute!!! It was such a great time with these kids they of course helped name the brushes unicorn, medium man, and baby baby. All the kids were covered in awesome smiles, so happy to be at Xena’s birthday I hope to see her and her family soon!

Monarch Beach Resort " Twilight's Wave" 6/15/19

It was a stunning day as always, at Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA yesterday, and we had such a blast. We started with Jack Johnson music, some chardonnay, and of course the biscotti. We then started painting “Twilight’s Wave” and everyone did so great. We had such a good time we even changed the sun in the painting, and I think the yellow look so gorgeous! Well we had a great day, and I can’t wait to go back and see all my friends at Monarch!

Ericka's kids Birthday Party "Magical Mermaid" 6/9/19

OMG this painting party was the highlight of my day for sure this amazing surprise party in Huntington Beach this past weekend. These girls are just the funniest, most creative ones I’ve met and you best believe we had an epically fun time!! We obviously had the name our brushes bob, bicosky, and of course britney. We listened to Kids Bop radio and then started painting, “ Magical Mermaid” These ladies were able to be so creative with their mermaid they changed colors added patterns, they looks wonderful! It was such a fun afternoon my stomach hurt from laughing soo much. Can’t wait to see this family again one heck of a time!

Elks Lodge "Sunset @ Dana Point" 6/7/19

It was such a n amazing time this past Friday when Rayna and I went to the Elk’s lodge in Newport Beach for a painting party. This was a full on party, plenty of food and wine, to drink. We started by listening to Motown radio and everyone was groovin’. We then began painting “ Sunset @ Dana Point” and everyone was following along pretty well!!! We ended up with 44 epic masterpieces, and just an all and all fun time with jokes, paint, and just general happiness. We can’t wait to see all these amazing faces again soon, it was sooo much fun till the next!

Good Choice Sushi by the Sea Brunch "Twilight's Wave" 6/2/19

Cheers to one epically relaxing and wonderful painting party at Good Choice Sushi by the Sea yesterday. We started with painting “Twilight’s Wave” and it was so much fun, everyone was so into getting it exactly how they wanted it. The paintings turned out really nice and everyone had their small modifications, to make it personally their own. When we were finished painting, and grooving to the music there were mimosa’s, choice of sushi and appetizer that came with the painting party price! It was such a great time and we have more events coming up there, so please join the party!

Lindsay's Girl Scout Party "Girls Run the World" 6/1/19

Another fun trip to Irvine for Pop Up Studios, to do one fun filled Girl Scout event!! The girls were making a cake project as I was done setting up so we got to bake for a second. Then we were ready for painting, we named our brushes with silly names like Mrs.Teal and baby baby baby. The girls were singing to the songs that were playing on family radio, and really enjoying painting. We painted, ”Girls Run the World” and the girls had so much fun with the colors. There was hot pink and of course some gems to add for bows!! We had so much fun the girls really ended up with some epic paintings!! Can’t wait to see them again soon!

Beth's Fireball painting party "Custom Painting" 5/19/19

So excited to be coming back to some of my fav clients and this time in Fountain Valley! We all got to have fireball shots to celebrate Beth’s birthday, and man was it a party. We were drinking we were dancing, and man did we experiment with tons of different colors!! We started painting, and I always bring different colors in case someone wants to match theirs to their favorite colors, and everyone was such different paintings, and that is easily my favorite thing!!! We listened to some jammin 80’s music and painted and ate yummy snacks the whole way through. This was a delight of a time with some epic ladies! So happy to be a party of this celebration, see you all at the Elks fundraiser, or soon!!

Mother's Day for Mariah's Party "Midnight Blossoms" 5/12/19

Such a beautiful Mother’s day, it is so wonderful to spend it with friends and family, and Pop Up Studios. The wonderful Justine and Rayna went out to Whittier for the Mother’s Day celebration yesterday and had a wonderful time with all these epic people. The girls took everyone step by step, as people trickled in they caught everyone up. It was a great time, and I’m so happy there were so many smiling faces on Mother’s Day! Hope to see them all again soon.

OC Great Park "Under the Jelly Sea/Aloha Pineapple" 5/12/13

Last Party here for Mother’s Day and it turned out to be one amazing mixture of two paintings. Some of the painters wanted Jelly’s and other Pineapples….so we painted both. Wasn’t the easiest to teach two, but the results were so amazing! They turned out epic, and we made sure no one left with something they didn’t just love. It was so much fun we listened to a mothers day mom mix and ate delicious sweet treats! This was such a great time, so happy to make so many smile on Mother’s Day, Can’t wait for next year.

Kelsey's Mother's Day Brunch "Christmas in Cali" 5/12/19

Kelsey and I have a long history of painting parties, and Mother’s Day is starting to become a wonderfully perfect tradition! We had so much yummy food including breakfast enchiladas with avacado. I mean it was some yummy stuff. We had champagne and great times, as we started painting “ Christmas in Cali” which isn’t super Christmasy it just has lights! We had a blast, fixed a few palm trees and we have some epic masterpieces!! Needless to say it was a wonderful time with these ladies and can’t wait to see them again soon!!

OC Great Park "Under the Jelly Sea" 5/11/13

Well well we were back at the great park for this amazing Mother’s Day tote bag making, dessert and painting party! It was such a great time we all painted some amazing Jellies, some turned out different colors which I loved. We all listened to Bruno Mars radio and enjoyed painting these wonderful totes! It was a great day filled with yummy cake and the cutest tote bags ever happy mother’s day all!!

Justine's Family Birthday Party 4/28/19

So happy to be celebrating a birthday party with Justine’s whole family, they made me feel like part of the bunch! It was so much fun, we started with drinks and music and then got to painting! We started painting “Hakuna Matata” and man everyone went their own way on the background, it was AWESOME! We had all ages at this party, and we turned out with some giraffes and a few elephants. This family had such a great time, and so did I can’t wait to see them again!!