Monarch Beach Resort Dana Point 4/23/19

Some of the amazing people from JOOL came out to Monarch for team building, and we had one amazing painting party. We started with red wine and Jack Johnson radio and then we started painting “Sunset at Dana Point” We added some whale tales to a few of the paintings and just kept on painting and sipping. It was such a great time with these epic people. We finished with some really fabulous paintings, and everyone was happy! Couldn’t be better than that, hope to see these wonderful people again.

Imaginology 2019 Day 1

Imaginology at the OC Fair, Pop Up Studios had a booth this weekend and we made watercolor resist projects, it was such a blast can’t wait for tons of summer parties!!

Monarch Beach Resort Dana Point

This was such an wonderful time at Monarch this weekend, everything was so relaxed and enjoyable. We started by the ladies having something to sip on , and then we got to painting ,”Lotus Love” It turned out soo gorgeous, the ladies even changed the flowers to purple which looks so pretty! We spend our time fixing all the little details, and making it exactly what they wanted to see. It was a fun time, and they were good sports, flowers are not easy. I hope to see them both again, such fun people to be around!

Emma's Birthday "Cool Panda" 4/6/19 AM

Rayna our Art instructor had an amazing class teaching, “Cool Panda” to these super excited girlies. They added their own touches, and some happy clouds from bob ross started happening. They truely got to make art their own. We had sitting and standing pandas, this was such a fun day to celebrate a birthday!!! Many wishes to the birthday girl, and hope to see these smiling faces again!

AAG Team building "Midnight Blossoms" 4/5/19

Well back to one of my favorite buildings in Orange, CA to do some epic team building with the AAG crew. The y started by giving everyone sparkling cider, and then we got to listen Bruno Mars radio. Then it as time to paint I took them step by step through the painting, “Midnight Blossoms” we had some different colored blossoms, which I always love, and all of them turned out with some stunning paintings to take home with them. We got to celebrate two birthday’s, and have cake! It was such a lovely afternoon, it is always a joy to go see the lovely people at AAG! Till next time guys!!

Jessika's kids party "Tropical Island" 3/24/19 am

So happy to send out one our wonderful artists from Pop Up Studios, Justine to do a painting party for one happy 6 year old, and all her friends. This was such a great party, Justine took the kids through “Tropical Island” one step at a time, and made sure everyone had the perfect painting! These all turned out amazing, and I’m soooo happy, to see these epic smiling faces! Hope to see these wonderful faces again!

Emma's 6th birthday party "Tropical Island" 3/24/19

Emma’s 6th birthday party had it all, bounce house, food, family, friends and of course Pop Up Studios. It was so much fun we even had some of the mom’s painting with us too. My assistant Rayna and I took them through “Tropical Island” step by step and they all did sooo good, these kids are awesome at following directions! It was so great we had a lot of laughs with naming our brushes Daisy, Unicorn and Arty. This was a super fun party with so many smiles, hope all of them again!

The Girl Cave Fundraiser "Lotus Love" 3/19/19

This was such an amazing fundraising event, to assist mother’s and children who need a helping hand. We were packed in there at the girl cave, and man did we all have a phenomenal time! We started painting “Lotus Love” and man did they bloom in every different color imaginable. We laughed, listened to music, and had a few paint spills, but in the end we have some amazing Lotus Blossoms to show. One wonderful event, so happy to be able to support it and be there will all these wonderful people.

NAAPers "Night Gazer" 3/17/19

This is our second annual NAAPers painting party, and man did it go so perfectly. With Jazz music in the background and delicious food served by Healthy Junk smiles were everywhere! We started painting “Night Gazer” and a bunch of beautiful colors splashed onto the canvas. There was magic for sure as everyone painted some lovely version of the painting. We had so much fun painting with everyone, and they turned out phenomenal. Can’t wait for next year, keep creating all!

Monarch Beach Resort "Butterflies and Birds oh my" 3/16/19

Another wonderful time at Monarch yesterday, as the butterflies were magically dancing all over the resort. We got so inspired yesterday that Debbie decided to paint a butterfly and I think it came out good. Then we also had another client paint the birds, both painting are so beautiful. We listened to Jack Johnson Radio and enjoyed our time painting so much. I can’t wait for next week when we get to paint again.

Kat's Private Party "Walk by Faith" 3/9/19

It’s all about the country music and the rockin boots for this painting party! It was such a great time hanging out with these lovely friends in Huntington Beach this past weekend. There was wine and all the yummy eats you could think of! We started painting “Walk by Faith” and some of the ladies changed the boot color, which I loved! We took our time getting through this painting, and man was it worth it in the end! We all had a lovely night and I can’t wait to see this rockin’ ladies again soon.

Bachelorette Party "Abstract American Flag" 3/8/19

This was such a fun bachelorette party hosted by Nicki and all the bridal party! We started with wine and just kept sipping and painting through the whole session! We painted the “Abstract American Flag” which was super fun and everyone totally did their own thing with the stars. We listened to 90’s pop hits and jammed out to some tunesl This was such a great time, can’t wait to see these awesome people again soon!

Monarch Beach Resort Dana Point Paint Night 2/23/19

This has been such a blast meeting so many different people at the Monarch Beach Hotel, and today I met a bunch of writers! I don’t always believe in destiny, but sometimes people are just meant to find each other. This group of people at painting party last night was so creative and fun to talk to. We sipped chardonnay listened to Jazz music radio and really enjoyed honest conversations. I had one guest who was nervous to paint, since she went to another paint n sip and disliked it. Even she turned out with a joyful Starfish, which proves it folks anyone can enjoy painting!! Everyone was open, and I know how I always say people made the painting different, but this party they made it their own. It was such a Joy, and I’m so happy to announce Pop Up studios will continue to do parties here at Monarch Beach Resort in March and April!! So excited!

PS Thanks so all who came out last night, it was lovely and a special shout out to the birthday girl Heather!

Monarch Beach Resort "Twilight's Wave" 2/16/19

Another extremely fun painting party at Monarch again this past weekend. We started by listening to some Jack Johnson radio and got right into chardonnay and painting. We had such a creative time, everyone did their own version of the painting, and that is honestly my most favorite thing. As people changed their paintings direction you could see their personality. It was such a great time, we will be there this weekend!!

Monarch Beach Resort "Hidden Melodies" 2/2/19

Another, fantastic time at the Monarch Beach Resort with their members this past Saturday! We had some wonderful Chardonnay and then we got straight to painting “Hidden Melodies”. We took our time painting, and half way through the ladies realized they were painting a guitar. It was such a great time at this painting party. Everyone turned out with a gorgeous painting!!!

Debbie's Private Party "Sunset's Warmth" 1/25/19

At the very classy Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach we had the best girls night! Debbie wanted to give back to her wonderful ladies who work for her, and treat themselves to a paint night in!! It was such an upbeat party with Chardonnay, veggie wraps, painting and of course some music! We got to painting “ Sunset’s warmth” and some of the girls changed the colors , and man if they didn’t all come out brilliant. What a great group, and a lovely night!! Hope to see these ladies next year!

Monarch Beach Resort "Midnight Blossoms" 1/21/19

Another really amazing painting party at Monarch Beach Resort. We had a small crowd today, but man was it awesome. It is so nice to be able to help everyone see their vision on a canvas. We started painting “ Midnight Blossoms” and I gave suggestions here and there about different colors or maybe to add stars. It is so fun to do that, because everyone gets really different paintings. All the ladies really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to see them again when Pop Up Studios is back in February every Sat 4-6pm $50 and it includes one class of Chardonnay, if you would like to join the party please message: Anna Kadi

Pine Creek Village Apartments "Birch Forest" 1/19/19

This was such a fun night, coming back to this family oriented community of Village Creek Apartments in Costa Mesa! We had so much fun and the number of people there was perfect for my assistant Justine and I. We had the right amount of people to get around and really help everyone get exactly what they wanted!! We were jamming out to some Beyonce’, painting “Birch Forest", really enjoying everyone's interpretation of the painting. Everyone was singing and enjoying the atmosphere. Pop Up Studios was thrilled to host this event with this amazing complex, can't wait for the next painting party!