Kelsey's Christmas Party "Twilight's Wave" 12/11/18

This was such a fun party to be at. We had dumplings and wine and man was it fine. We were listening to Christmas tunes and just enjoying each other’s company. Kelsey and all of her co workers were so excited to paint so we started painting “ Twilight’s Wave” and it was so much fun. Took the girls through it step by step and made sure everyone turned out with something amazing, they really did phenomenal! Such a good time and a fun idea for a Christmas Party, can’t wait to see them again soon!

Monarch Beach Resort "Stormy Weather" 12/8/18

This was a wonderful little painting party, and since there were only four people everyone got to have exactly what they wanted for their painting. The ladies started with wine, and biscotti then we started painting “Stormy Weather.” Almost immediately the ladies wanted different colors, and we always bring extra paint! We even got to try out a special palette knife technique with using paper plates. We had so much fun painting together, can’t wait for the next event at Monarch Beach Resort!

Kaila's Private Painting Lesson 12/2/18

Knowing this family for a while when they said they were prepping for an OCSA portfolio I knew it was going to be so fun helping with this. Kaila is in 7th grade and an awesome artist, we took some of her paintings she started in class and on her own and tried to really make sure we added more dimension, details and color. Here are all the paintings we worked on in 4 hrs, two oil paintings and one acrylic/airbrush painting! We had such a great time, and I really enjoyed how much she listened and put in her own opinion in as well!

Monarch Beach Resort "California Dreamin'" 12/1/18

Back to Monarch Beach Resort to share some paint and holiday spirit with guests and members this past weekend. It was such a great time, we started with some complementary Chardonnay and some yummy Chocolate Biscotti! We then got to painting, and everyone had their own idea for what they wanted their painting to look like. They got to make everything they wanted happen on the canvas, with a little bit of help. We painted, we laughed, they drank, and we ended up having an awesome time with some fantastic paintings! Can’t wait to come back next week for the next painting!!

Monarch Beach Resort " An Autumn Stroll" 11/24/18

So excited to have a new partnership with Monarch Beach Resort, where we are having painting parties every Saturday from Nov. 24th through Dec. That being said our first party started with a small group this weekend, but it was sure enjoyable! We started painting “An Autumn Stroll” right away and everyone was into it, and even added their own special touches. Not one painting looked the same, and I really love that that’s how it turned out. We are all so different as humans, art should always reflect that. It was such a fun time painting with these wonderful ladies, can’t wait for more times at the Resort.

Lisa's Girls Night "Little Slice of Heaven" 11/17/18

Tonight was such an epically wonderful TOTALLY 80’s night, with some lovely ladies!! I met Lisa a while ago doing a work event for her, and tonight I went to Fullerton to do a painting party for her friends! They picked a 3hr painting “ Little Slice of Heaven” and it was not my easiest painting and they really did look OUTRAGEOUSLY RAD!! We had so much fun drinking and painting, it was soo much fun. We were singing 80’s tunes super loud and painting our peaceful seascape. One great time with these women tonight can’t wait to see them all again soon!

Peyton's Birthday Party "Tropical Island" 11/10/18

Ok well this was one epically fun birthday party for Peyton and all her awesome friends yesterday evening! We started with music and games, and then we got down to naming the brushes for the painting. We named the brushes Bob, Fred, and of course the small brush had to be taco. The girls loved the taco brush the most! We started painting “Tropical Island” and all the girls used different colors and really went to town with our black light glow in the dark pink and orange! We all had so much fun and the birthday girl loved her painting, so can’t be happier than that! Can’t wait to see these amazing people again soon!!!

Sunrise of Lapalma "Beautiful Love Tree" 11/6/18

Pop Up Studios was excited to paint with the residence, staff and friends at Sunrise of Lapalma. We put on the Motown hits, uncorked the wine and we then got down to painting “Beautiful Love Tree”. It was so much fun everyone was laughing and singing along with the music. It took a minute to get everyone liking there painting, but success we ending up with some lovely paintings!!! So much fun can’t wait to see all these lovely people again soon!

Amy's Private Party " Fall in Paris" 11/2/18

Now this was such a wonderful event with some very fun to hang around ladies!!! I’ve known some of these ladies since the beginning of Pop Up Studios, and it is always fun to do a party for them. Last night we started with these amazing range creme shots and started eating the amazing spread of food that Amy made! We then got into painting and as much as I warned them about how hard Paris was going to be to paint, they all went for it. They turned out sooooo fantastic there were more drinks and some 80’s music playing and it couldn’t have been a more fun night. Can’t wait to be around these wonderful ladies again!!!

Cambria's 14th birthday "Fall in Paris" 10/28/18

So this was a super epic Paris party that was totally on point with the theme we had Paris everywhere. From Ham sandwiches to chocolate mousse in fancy flutes this was the party to be at! We had so much fun from the music to the fun environment we were loving “Paris.” Now the painting was one of my harder ones, but these super stars rised to the challenge and these all look incredible! “Fall in Paris” didn’t take any of them down, and the birthday girl even added a little ratatouille rat in her picture too! Can’t wait to see them again, it was so much fun!!

Natalie's 11th Birthday "Tropical Island" 10/27/18

Natalie’s party was so much fun, we started with having pizza and fruit. Then we got to painting with our brushes that the girls named average, ok and baby. The painting we did was “Tropical Island” and the girls truly made it their own with bright colors and different suggestions. It really couldn’t have turned out better. We listened to pop music and really enjoyed ourselves! Can’t wait for another amazing time with these wonderful kiddos!!

Vany's Private Party "California Lights" 10/20/18

So happy to come back to this awesome group of family and friends. Every time Pop Up Studios comes to Vany’s it’s party time for sure! We started with Pizza and Tequila, after we started listening to music and then got to the art. Since it was a smaller group it was so much easier to help everyone get help and advice. These paintings turned out better than I could have imagined!! It was such a wonderful time, so happy to see all of them! Can’t wait for the next time to get creative!

Crystal's Private Party "Paradise Found" 10/5/18

This event has been in the making since last year, and we were all so excited to finally paint and enjoy together in Newport Beach this Friday. Pop Up Studios arrived at this amazing three story house on the beach. We did the painting on the roof, it was the most relaxing ans serene view. We watched the water and painted “ Paradise Found” it was a shorter painting then usually and they all turned out wonderful! Can’t wait to see these amazing ladies next time they have another retreat!!

Zoom Room HB "Hidden Melodies" 9/30/18

Zoom Room is one of our favorite places to go, and we had another painting party there last night! It went off without a hitch It was sooo much fun good people, wonderful wine, and a colorful painting. We started with some tunes and some yummy chili and then we got to painting “ Hidden Melodies” I took them through it step by step with the music going and the laughter flowing! It was such a nice time with everyone I can’t wait to do more parties for them.

Wings Mural @ FIT Pilates Studio 9/29/18

I was asked to do a mural of beautiful wings at Fit Pilates Studio in Mission Veijo. I went over there yesterday and had such a good time just hanging and painting! I was there most of the day, adding texture and the right colors to make them exactly what the amazing owner Ashlyn wanted. I’m so happy she likes it, and this little mural makes me happy too can’t wait to see people pose with it!

Betty's Kids painting/drawing party 9/25/18

Yesterday Pop Up Studios had a private art lesson for theses amazing little kiddos! We drew with oil pastels and painted with some glow in the dark paint. The girls had so much fun expressing themselves it was really a great time!! Hope to see these awesome kids again soon!

TJ's kids Party "Catch a Wave" 9/22/18

Pop Up Studios was stoked to send our super awesome artist Justine the TJ’s place in HB to do a painting party for the kids and adults this past weekend! It was a great time all the kids painted with Justine step by step, and turned out with some really awesome paintings, good job all!!! Hope the girls enjoyed their party, can’t wait to see have some art lessons with them soon!!

Alyssa's Birthday Party " Cupcake" 9/8/18

So excited be there to celebrate Alyssa's birthday with her, her friends and family! We started with music and then we went right into painting with our brushes Unicorn, Sparkley, and of course Cupcake. The kiddos started painting the background, then like all awesome birthday's we had a cupcake break, and then finished painting our Cupcakes on canvas! They turned out so great, all of us had such a good time! Can't wait to see them again!

Child Development Centers "Tropical Island" 8/24/18

So excited to go to the Child Development Centers in Corona Del Mar, and one of the teachers was a childhood friend! Couldn't be happier to be there. We started painting " Tropical Island" with the kids and it started out really great, we kept teaching the kids step by step and we ended up with soo many cool masterpieces by the end! These kids were so awesome they asked questions, they made the painting their own with their fav colors!

Jenn's Phenomenal Paint Night "Sunset Wave" 8/23/18

It is always good to see these amazing ladies, from the beginning of my business they have been supporting me and always making me feel like I'm at home. We went straight to drinking wine and margs, it was fun from the beginning. Then we started painting sunset wave, which was pretty awesome the ladies were doing wonderful! It ended up getting pretty dark so eventually the painting need cell phone light to be finished, but we all did it....and pretty well I might add. I hope to see them next year again, or maybe sooner!!